Week Four

Social Media

You Tube –  I never considered you tube a social medium so it was interesting to see that the definition appiles when on considers it as a collaborative site. Obviously it is a place for viewing videos but when one considers that anone can upload videos then it becomes clear that it is a site of shared information about anything. I have used it to view a ‘walkthrough’ of enterprise software had never before encountered.

Pinterest – I used this site to get inspired about urban gardening. The site operates a little like google images search except that there are occassional written snippets attached to some photos. Not so useful for serious research but quite good for looking for inspiration.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I do not belong to any social media sites.  If you tube and wikipedia are included then I can say I use social media for entertainment form time to time. However more usefully, I have used both professionally to help me undersatnd or research things that were relvenat to my job.

Before social media came along i was never a fan of those emails that were ‘forwarded containing such things as pictures of kittens or jokes and such. That’s really the same attitude I have towards most soical media – just an ocean of banality. However as I said in an earlier post, I would storngly consider joining linkedin to help find employment.


2 thoughts on “Week Four

  1. Clare says:

    While I agree with much that you have said, I think it is becoming increasingly necessary for IT Professionals to at least understand the serious side of social media. It is a powerful marketing too of course and many businesses now expect their websites to be linked into the social media world. Also I have found that their are many communities who use social media for ‘serious’ stuff – sharing and collaborating on work related or professional issues. Open source developers for example use social media widely both to collaborate among themselves but also to link out to their communities of users….. I think it has now gone beyond the ‘cute kitties’ stage 🙂

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