Week Two

Today’s session on digital identity confirmed some of my assumptions about the disadvantages fo social networking. For example:

– source of identity theft

– makes it easy for people to poke their nose in your affairs, when you don’t want them to.

– can damage your reputation

– is a time waster Continue reading


Week One

Yesterday we were introduced to the course and there seems to an interesting range of topics to be covered.

Sandra introduced us to diigo. It wasn’t high on the index when it came to using all its wiggy wigs.¬† As I don’t normally use more than one platform to access the net and NEVER highlight anything I found that it had little to offer me that the favourites function on my browser already does.

I had heard of OneNote previously and was keen to have a play. II can foresee this will be of great use in my future studies.

I’m trying to attain¬†the highest marks I can this year as I’m aware that grade averages can influence future employers.